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Do you, from time to time, experience pain and struggle to make it go away? Do you suffer from low-grade chronic pain or physical discomfort? 

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Does your daily life feel as stressful or chaotic as a nightmare? Would you like to learn how to transform stress into being in the flow?

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Are you an athlete wishing to develop the coordination of an acrobat, the balance of an ice skater and the prowess of a Shaolin monk?

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How can you live in an enlightened way in this lifetime? Are you interested in awakening the humanity that is still deeply asleep?

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Welcome to Academy of Qi Dao - the School of Qigong Coaching

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Do you ever wish you could feel more empowered in your daily life or in your practice of Tai Chi and Qigong? Do you want to learn how to enhance and embody your spiritual awareness and inner strength?

If you do, you are in for a real treat - you are welcome to download  FREE  of charge the first Chapter Qi Dao Fundamentals of Lama Tantrapa's bestselling ebook The Art of Being in the Flow.


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Complimentary Qigong Coaching Teleseminars

If you are looking for a shortcut to mastery, you will definitely benefit from listening to the presentations by the creator of Qigong Coaching, Lama Tantrapa. He pioneered this profession in early 2000's in order to make the benefits of Qigong available to people regardless of their geographical location or prior training in the Energy Arts.

You are invited to enjoy a series of teleseminars that will reveal how you too can become a Certified Qigong Coach. Learn what makes this practice especially suitable for the professionals living a busy 21st century lifestyle. In these teleseminars, you will find the fundamental principles of mastery – essentially important, but usually overlooked – that will help you enrich and transform your practice of Healing, Energy and/or Martial Arts.

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